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According to the latest demographic data provided by the Junta de Andalucía in 2014, the total population of the Villa de Rota is 29,179, with 14,570 men and 14,609 women. The percentage of the population under 20 years of age is 21.25% (23.58% in 2006) while that of the population over 65 is 13.79% (11.45% in 2006).

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The increase in the population of our Villa from 2004 to 2014 was 9.32%. Noteworthy is the number of foreigners registered until 2014, which was 1,070, 3.66% of the total population, most of North American, German, Dutch and Belgian nationality. Most parts of the US population are retired military and family members. The rest of the nationalities indicated to include a previously tourist sector that has been recurring for consecutive years and trips, thanks mainly to climate and proximity to the sea, they have chosen to reside continuously or in summer in our city during their retirements.

Evolución de la población. Fuente: Instituto Nacional de Estadística

Finally, we must indicate that our Villa is divided into 3 nuclei: Rota "Sur", Rota "Norte" (Costa Ballena with 401 inhabitants registered) and Rota "Naval" (128 inhabitants registered with residence in the military compound).

Panorámica de la Playa de la Costilla en pleno verano - (C) J.J. Corbal

Apart from these demographic data, it should be noted that the total population of the Villa triples during the summer months exceeding 100,000 inhabitants. Likewise, the American population residing inside and outside the military compound of the Naval Base is not counted in the total population and is estimated at about 6000 inhabitants in the year 2016.

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